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The facilities in the Melody-studio are...

The Control room with Trident S80 desk and recording is mainly done with Nuendo. The plugins are for ex. LiquidMix, URS, SSL and API by Waves, EMI/Chandler, Sonnox/Oxford. Mastering is done with Wavelab. The outboard are TC, dBx, UA, Lexicon, MasterRoom, Roland 301....

The Live room is big enough for live recordings and we also have a smaller room, perfect as an isolation booth. 

Control room


by Trident Studios

The history is well known, back in 1982, Swedish Radio AB needed a clean & highly specified console for their OB-buses so the tech-chiefs went over to London and "forced" Trident to rebuild it according their specs, in short; SR got a Rolls Royce paying for a VW.

This means that the beautifully sounding preamps & Eq´s were made even better that those "ordinary" Trident-consoles! It also means that noisefloor, channel separation etc is totally in another league. And it is also so fully packed with only the finest Jensen transformers.

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The new and reproduced S80 Producer Box.

We have 30 of these inputs :-)

Control room

The Live-Room is big enough for live recordings and we have recorded everything from Choirs, Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock, HeavyMetal etc. in that room.

We have 2 drumkits, Premier and Pearl and a lot of different cymbals and percussion. Some guitar-amps are also available, Marshall, Musicman as well as Keyboards, Samplers and Guitars & Basses. The microphones we are using are f.x.

Neuman, Audio-Technica, Röde, Milab, T-bone, Shure...

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